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Our company's main objective is to help members restore their credit, learn how to budget their finances, payoff debt, create a savings plan and create wealth!  

Removing inaccurate, erroneous, and obsolete items from your credit report and adding tradelines are two of the FASTEST ways to increase your credit score.​

We can do both!

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Contact us and let us help you remove the negative items that are reporting on your credit report, build new credit history, learn the secrets to a perfect credit score &

how you can get approved for new homes, cars, business loans and more!

Our Mission

Our Company's Mission is to help as many individuals as possible to change their life through credit & to begin the process of creating long lasting wealth!












Sending credit agencies dispute letters is still the best method for disputing items on your credit report and improving your credit profile and credit score! 


We understand that many individuals are worried about sharing their private credit information with others and they also may not want to spend hundreds of hard earned dollars on a credit dispute service.  Well you can easily dispute items on your credit report with all the credit bureaus by yourself privately AND the best part is it's FREE!  Now you can use the same technique that I used a few years ago to remove my Bankruptcy from my credit report within 35 days!

Our DIY Credit Dispute Guide will walk you step by step through the process of preparing your credit dispute documents and mailing them off to the credit bureaus.

What do I Get in the Guide?

  • You will receive our our easy to use Credit Dispute Letter Templates to create your dispute letters for all 3 credit bureaus.  There is also a video tutorial that walks you through the process of creating your letters using our templates.

  • Our Sample Debt Settlement Letter - This letter will help you create a request to settle a debt amount with your creditors.

  • Our Sample Letter to Negotiate a Complete Removal with a Creditor - This letter will help you setup a payment plan with the creditor in exchange that they update the status of your credit report as "Paid As Agreed" or remove the report entirely from all credit reporting agencies upon final payment.

  • Our Sample Letter Confirming a Payment Agreement - This letter will help you confirm the payment agreement that you arranged with your creditor.

  • Our Sample Counter-Offer Letter to Creditor - This letter will help you create a counter offer to your creditor for settling a debt.

  • As a BONUS you will receive our Powerful Credit Tips that will help you improve your credit so you can easily get approved for a home mortgage, auto loan or a business loan! 

  • Support via Phone & Email 7 days a Week - Bother us like CRAZY! We don't mind because we are here to help you improve your credit!

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What Do IvyFES Members Get?

Members will be able to download our DIY Credit Dispute Guide Free and other great e-books at low prices!

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Members will be able to post blogs and vlogs about credit, finance, debt, testimonies and real estate.

Valuable Credit Education

Members will be able to get educated on credit by watching our blogs, asking questions, and downloading our e-books.

Exclusive 50% Discount on Tradelines

Members will receive a 50% off discount on Tradelines.

Monthly Cash & Tradeline Giveaways

Members can participate in our monthly cash and tradeline giveaways.  All you need to do is post comments to our blog!


We want to create a community that provides support and gives advice to one another regarding credit and finance.

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