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Add Credit Monitoring

You Need Smart Credit.  Here's Why!

Smart Credit

Getting a good credit monitoring system should be the first step in the journey of improving or maintaining your credit.

With the Smart Credit monitoring system, customers are able to pull their credit report from all 3 credit bureaus, get credit score updates multiple times a month, manage all your financial accounts online in one place, and you can receive alerts for suspicious activity to your credit profile all for a LOW monthly price!

Smart Credit also does a great job identifying all of the negative items on your credit profile that are lowering your score.  Sign up today!

$1 Million Identity Fraud Insurance Included!
Identity Theft Protection

Scammers are attacking people all over the internet, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. If you use any of these, then you could be vulnerable. Protect yourself with Smart Credit. Smart Credit provides a $1 Million Identity Fraud Insurance. 

Insurance Coverage Includes:

  • Zero Deductible.

  • Covers your entire family residing in your household.

  • Covers your Bank, Savings, Brokerage, Lines of Credit, Credit Card, and more.

  • Covers your cash out of pocket expenses incurred in your ID recovery.

  • Covers your Credit Reports.

  • Replacement cost due to stolen Driver's License or Passport.

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