Credit Sweep Service

Your financial health revolves around your credit score, making it imperative that the information your credit report contains is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Work with our credit experts and proven system to eliminate any inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous accounts. We’ll teach you the exact information you need to provide to the Credit Bureau’s to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act to your advantage and dispute the mistaken negative ratings that may be preventing you from obtaining new credit when you need it most. Lower your interest rates, avoid high late fees, save money and advance your credit opportunities.

Our credit sweep service can assist you in challenging the credit bureaus to remove inaccurate, obsolete and erroneous items from your credit report. Restore your score and maximize your financial opportunities!

We can help clear the following items from your credit report:

  • Collections

  • Identity Theft

  • Evictions

  • Repossession

  • Bankruptcy

  • Student Loans

  • Charge Offs

  • Judgments

  • Medical Bills

  • Tax Liens

  • Public Records

  • Credit Inquiries

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